Things To Do In Andaman

62 Things To Do In Andaman

Things To Do in Andaman

The Andaman Islands in India is one of India’s and south-east Asia’s most popular holiday and honeymoon destination. With beautiful beaches, natural wonders, interesting sites and tropical climate, it has something for everyone. Wondering what all you can cover here? Read on

1. Sightseeing

Of course, you want to tour all the best locations in the islands and have been wondering how to put it all together well so that it fits your budget too.

With Andaman Holidays, you have an easy way out. Here are 2 things to keep in mind

a. Your itinerary: Our most popular Andaman package that covers just about everything in the right proportion is the Unforgettable Andamans Package. If you want to spend a nice week exploring Andamans and all its sights, this one is it

b. Your budget: There are 2 cost factors in each package. One is the service – which remains constant throughout. The other is the variable which is the biggest chunk of cost and is entirely dependent on you – hotel accommodations. The type of Andaman Hotel you choose will increase or decrease the cost of the package. Our hotels vary from Superlite to Elite.

This gives all our guests a really good flexibility. The Delite category is the most popular as it has hotels with good amenities for an average budget.

As of now, all you need to do is drop us an email with the no. Of days you plan to stay and we’ll give you multiple budget options that you will definitely love.

2. Watersports and Water Activities in Andaman

dive-photo Things To Do In Andaman

With pristine beaches and crystal clear waters and amazing underwater sights, underwater activities is one of the most sought-after attractions in Andamans. Here’s what you can do:

1. Glass bottom boat ride

Love underwater sights but are not really gung-ho on getting into the sea – this activity is for you. Available at Jolly Buoy in the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, the Glass Bottom boat ride lasts for around 15 mins where you’ll be riding the small boat with 8-10 people. All you need to do is look down and you’ll find that there is a marvelous world right beneth your feet.

2. Snorkeling

For a skirmsh with adventure, try snorkeling. This can be done in multiple places on the islands including Jolly Buoy and Elephant Beach near Havelock. It’s best to come down to the beach in clothes that can dry out quickly in the sun – like those you would wear to a waterpark. Carry towels, sunglasses, and a cap. Plastics are not allowed on the island so you’ll not be able to carry plastic water bottles or bags. You can get a thermos from Wandoor jetty for a deposit of INR 100 and use this during your time here.

In additionl to all this, don’t forget to waterproof your wallet. Imagine a couple wanting to do snorkelling. How would you both do it together and where would you keep your wallet? Since there is not much of a locker facility available on the beach, it is best to carry a waterproof cover for your wallet or a waterproof pouch where you can carry your money and cards.

3. Sea walk

Sea walk is like a mid way option when you want to do a little more than snorkeling and a little less than scuba diving. Here, you get to cover your head under a protective helmet of sorts which allows you to breathe under water. You’ll be able to walk under water using this technique. Its quite a bit of fun to stand around and watch the fish swim by.

3. Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is a thrilling adventure activity done with the help of a professional diver. There are many types of dives depending on your level of expertise. Most tourists are first time divers and either take a fun dive or a try dive where they spend some time learing the nuances with an instructor and then some more time actually doing the dive. The activity requires more than half a day so you’ll need to keep one day aside if you want to do this. Discover Scuba diving in Andaman

4. Dive courses

If you fell in love with your diving experience and want to take it to the next level, Andaman has an option for you to take up diving courses from PADI and SSI. The type, of course, will determine its duration. Read this before you plan to take up a scuba diving course in Andaman

5. Coral safari

The coral safari is available only for a limited period in Andaman. You’ll be aboard a sink-proof submarine with 100 underwater seats and huge glass windows. It’s a fun experience where the entire family can experience the underwater world together, especially if you are traveling with toddlers or elderly people.

6. Underwater Photography

This is a specialist activity and you’ll require some help from a local expert to guide you to the best spots where you can do this. There are some special underwater photography tours organized too and you can check with us on when one is being organized this season. Here’s a great link on what to expect during an underwater photography tour in the Andamans

7. Kayaking

At Andamans, kayaking happens in the Havelock islands. You can take this up even if you have never done it before. You’ll be first taught the nuances around the Havelock Jetty after which you’ll be taken on a 2.5-hour ride along the mangroves. The view is spectacular and the ride is fantastic. There are limited seats available per day so plan it out in advance.

8. Sports Fishing / Game fishing

Game fishing in Andaman is another cool activity to indulge in during your stay. Most people use the environment-friendly catch and release technique and have an expert available to guide yours in your charter. Let us know if you would like this to be a part of your package

9. Yacht sailing

There are several yachties who love to sail around the remote islands of the Andaman archipelago. Sailing is an absolute adventure allowing you sights not witnessed by regular tourists. But you’ll need to keep in mind restricted areas and permits required. Here’s the experience of our guest yachtie Michael Cullen

3. Walks and Treks

mount-harriet-andaman1-1 Things To Do In Andaman

Andaman is not only home to great beaches but also beautiful rainforests and scenic mountains. Many itineraries have room for you to undertake a short trek during your visit. Here’s what you can do

1. Trek to the top of Mount Harriet

A day spent trekking at Mount Harriet is a fun experience. It is the highest peak in South Andaman and the view from the top is a must see. The trek isn’t too strenuous and you’ll have ample time to rest before you get back down. Mount Harriet isn’t a part of standard itineraries. Look for itineraries that have ‘free days’ where you can fit this in.

2. Trek to Hut Bay waterfalls

Located in the Little Andamans, the White Surf Waterfall is set amidst an evergreen forest around 6.5km from the Hut Bay Jetty. The journey involves a 4 km trek through the forest and a short drive. You also have the Whisper Wave waterfall that is 25 km from the jetty. You can make this a part of your Port Blair package and also explore an elephant safari in the jungle.

3. Trek to the top of Saddle Peak

The Saddle peak is the tallest peak in North Andaman. The peak is set amidst a park which offers a safe haven to many endemic animals and birds. The trek to the top is very scenic and is a must if you love to trek.


4. Bird watching

Andaman-Green-Peagion-1 Things To Do In Andaman

Birding is another adventure activity in Andaman. Many people visit the island to especially observe the endemic bird species. Of these, the Andaman Green Pigeon is the state bird. And you don’t have to go too far. The wetlands of Port Blair are home to several species. Andaman also has an island called ‘Chidiyatapu’ (bird island) where you can watch birds and catch one of the best sunsets in Andaman. Another island in Andaman is called ‘Parrot Island’ as it is home to hundreds of these birds. There is an interesting story behind it too. Know more about Parrot Island

All about Birdwatching in Andaman


5. Spa retreats

Andamans has a few hotels and resorts that allow you to relax and rejuvenate with a full spa package. You can either opt for short specialized massages or go for a full body massage. If you wish to have one during your trip, it is best to let us know in advance so that we can recommend resorts for you accordingly.

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6. Corporate Events Conference and Retreats

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Andaman is a wonderful location to hold your next company event or corporate retreat. It provides just the right environment to help everyone relax, maximize their creativity, focus and inspiration.

Check out how Andaman works out as an event and retreat destination

7. Yoga Retreats

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What better place for Yoga than the picturesque beaches of Andaman. Set in a perfect backdrop, Yoga retreats are organized in Andaman to help individuals breathe the healing ocean breeze, relax and transport themselves to a place of joy for their senses. Inquire with us about yoga retreats in Andaman.

If there are any other things to do in Andaman that you would like to try out, don’t hesitate to ask us. We would love to present a customized offering for you.