Best time to visit Andaman Islands

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In our last post About Andaman Islands – I, we have talked about the geographical aspects of the Islands. There are a lot of features which still remain unknown to a number of people. Every tourist destination has their peak and lean seasons. For tourists, it is important to have an idea about those seasons before planning their vacation. In this post About Andaman Islands – II, we’ll give a general overview of the weather in the Islands as well as the best time to visit Andaman and why.

Best Time To Visit Andaman Islands

The tourist season starts generally from October and extends until Mid-June. The peak time to visit will be between December and March.

October marks the start of tourist season every year. The heavy southwest monsoon showers get over by September. The entire area looks decked up in fresh greenery after the rain and each of the islands looks pretty, beautiful and ready to welcome the festival season.

The weather remains temperate thanks to the intermittent rains. Happy with rain-assured bountiful crops, the local people get ready to celebrate the festival season and welcome the tourists.

With monsoon over, the scuba diving season starts with waters getting calm, clear and flat. Under water coral reefs and marine life put up a great show offering a memorable time for the scuba diving and snorkelling enthusiasts.

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February & March are the Best Months to Explore the Exhilarating Marine Life!

If you are a scuba enthusiast, the best time to visit Andaman is between February and March. You can be assured of excellent and exhilarating views of under-sea marine life – thanks to a flat and smooth sea with no wind and near-perfect visibility.

Thanks to the Northwest monsoon, moisture-laden breeze and intermittent rains keep the temperature pleasantly cool throughout November, December and January. You can enjoy the mild sun during daytime. Evenings can be a little cooler welcoming the warmth from full-sleeve shirts and light-weight jackets or a nice shawl to keep the chill out.

Once the festival of Sankranti gets over by January 15th or so, weather turns warm. With no rain-bearing clouds and no winds to stir up the sea, you can enjoy the clear blue skies and serene cool seas.

Generally, there are fewer tourists visiting Andaman Islands during June, July and August. As a matter of fact, this is one of the best time to visit Andaman is the rainy season to enjoy the bountiful showers from the monsoon. The rain-drenched highlights of the Islands, its pristine coastline and the abundant green cover will surely captivate you. They are monsoon’s best gifts to Andaman Islands.

About Andaman Islands – General Climate

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Every Season has Something to Offer to Its Visitors!

Andaman Islands enjoy typical tropical climate all through the year. With an average temperature of around 23°C (minimum) and not exceeding 30°C (maximum), Andaman Islands are hot and humid generally. The high humidity levels are tempered by the sea breeze that springs up making the climate pleasant throughout the day, more so especially in the evenings.

November, December and January are the months of pleasant weather – a sunny morning and afternoon and a cool night. From the month of February, the summer season slowly starts creeping in. The days gradually start becoming balmy. By April the temperature hits 30 degrees, reaching almost 36 degrees centigrade in early May. Monsoon sets in by the end of May though there are some intermittent summer showers even before that. By mid-May, monsoon arrives in and by May end rains start in earnest continuing through June and July. Monsoon rains happen in June, July, August and September, and Andaman receives heavy showers.

Previously diving activities used to remain closed during the monsoons. However, things have changed now – everyday weather is taken into account. Diving does not remain closed, it is available if the weather is favourable for such activities on that particular day.

Andaman Islands keep receiving showers intermittently throughout the year right up to December making the area beautifully verdant and green. So you see, the best time to visit Andaman is the time you choose to come.

Exploring the vastness and diversity of the Andaman Islands is not possible in a single post. Discover the Andaman Islands: Part III will try to incorporate some more important aspects about the Islands.