Map of Andaman

This Andaman Map shows most popular locations in the Andaman Islands that are frequented by tourists.

Gone are the days when people visited Andaman with a map and guidebook in hand. Back then people had set itineraries and would mostly trust local travel operators to plan and support their trip.

Today, the internet is exploding with wanderlust content. There are tonnes of travel blogs, Instagram and Facebook posts. Everyone from your friend to your neighbour can be your itinerary planner. So much so, that this very reason is making people go back to the original experts – the tour operators – who can give a cohesive view of it all. After all, it is their daily bread and butter.

To give a balanced view of all of Andaman, we’ve made our website and blogs as comprehensive as possible. The Andaman Map here is from Google but customized to showcase the key attractions of Andaman.

As such, it is important to map your travel before you visit. You see, Andaman isn’t too spread on breadth but is more of a vertical set of islands. This means you’ll end up spending more time travelling if you don’t plan in advance.

Andaman is divided into 3 main areas, the one closer to the Indian coast, middle Andaman and south Andaman. Each of these have interesting attractions.

The map below has numbers highlighting these places of interest. Clicking on the number will open a partial window that gives the name and speciality of the area. For example, if you click on ‘15’ you will be shown details of the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park. Clicking further on the image here will highlight all related images of the area. Other places of interest are earmarked in the map too.

Below the map, you’ll also find a link on places to visit in Andaman that will give more details.

Here are details of places to visit in Andaman