Andaman 2030: Our Vision For The Future Of Andaman


sailing-championship-600x399 Andaman 2030: Our Vision For The Future Of Andaman

By 2030, Andaman has clear policies defined for yacht tourism, which helps tour operators work with clear guidelines and offer better and more structured packages. Port Blair airport and seaport welcomes e-visa holders, which favour the entrance of yacht owners and their crew. Revenue from foreign exchange gains an incremental jump year-on-year, making Andaman one of the most preferred sailing destinations not only in India and South East Asia but all over the world.

Andaman becomes a leading cruise destination

Now: Most individuals harbour a dream of going on a dream cruise at least once in their lifetime. Cruises are fabled to be thrilling and adventurous – journeys that promise a story for a lifetime. Andaman today has the potential to cruise destination that can bring higher revenues and tourists year on year.

Circa 2030: Andaman’s cruise tourism policy makes it non-prohibitive for tourists to explore the islands via sea route. Both cruise ships and yachts receive discounts. In the official fees in order to ensure they add Andaman to their route map and set in a regular on-flow of tourists via the sea route. The cruise tourism policy creates favourable condition for tour operators to successfully market and sell cruises making it a viable business opportunity. Cruise ships travelling to the South East Asia seas make Andaman a definite stopover and we see a great influx of tourists visa the cruise tourism route.

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Similar to countries like Egypt where most packages came with a 2/3 day cruise option, Andaman has cruise liners stationed for an around-the-island in two days cruise! This ensures that people increase the duration of their vacation to accommodate an island-hopping, entertainment-filled cruise that offers the views spectacular sunrises, mesmerizing sunsets and gourmet world cuisine.

Andaman has new world-class attractions

Now: Though Andaman is already perfect the way it is, it can definitely be made into a stand-alone tourist destination that does not require an introduction. With structured foresight and the sea of leverage, several sites can be developed into presenting day-long activities for tourists.


Circa 2030: The complete destination Visitors to Andaman will be offered several more activities on their platter. From an underwater world to a local village replica to a sea-world style light and sound show to destination restaurants in the middle of the sea, to spectacular photo points to helicopter island hopping, Andaman of the future will leave you wonderstruck with its variety and make you come back for more.

Future of Andaman moves forward with international connectivity

Now: With so much to offer, it becomes mandatory that the island is able to ease out travel woes by staying connected internationally. As with other improvements, this too needs to come with foresight and planning that creates a vision of Andaman catering to several hundred times the tourists that it receives today.

Circa 2030: Andaman airport and seaport are connected internationally with policies that allow easy visa processing including visa on arrival. Policies not only favour visiting tourists from other countries but also allow them to take back and propagate Andaman’s unique local art worldwide by creating favourable export policies. With better connectivity, favourable policies and unique attractions, Andaman becomes the must-visit destination for any tourist travelling to India!


While it is great to put ideas on paper, we do face a reality of how these ideas may actually get executed. There are no easy answers here, except that we now need to bring out the visionary in each of you – on how would you like the island you call home to be known on the world map… on how you would like to transform your life and shape the future generation who wouldn’t have to leave the island in search of livelihood…. how we make the island even better without hampering its natural beauty… how in 2030 Andaman becomes the island of our dreams.

What is your vision for Andaman? Share with us