Adventure awaits at Elephant Beach, Andaman Islands!

From banana boat rides to exotic marine life, Elephant Beach Andaman has it all. Simply unwind and relax on those white sands bordered by clear blue, green waters.


Elephant Beach is situated in Havelock Island. The Island is considered the largest of islands that consist of Ritchie’s Archipelago a chain of islands, lying towards the eastern side of Great Andaman. Havelock lies towards the North East of Port Blair at a distance of 57 km. Elephant Beach is among its most popular beaches that are thronged by hundreds of tourists. The administration of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands focuses especially on the Havelock Island to promote eco-tourism.

If you are at the Havelock Island and have not visited the Elephant Beach, then you are certainly missing out on some great fun. The beach is known for its exotic marine life and beautiful corals. Moreover, the beach is perfect for snorkeling. The amazing coral reef along the beautiful white sand beach in the shallow waters is simply not to be missed. You will find that the beach is still not touched by commercialism and boasts of a peaceful and serene atmosphere.


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Reaching Elephant Beach

Elephant Beach is one of the most well-known beaches in Havelock Island and is perfect for day trips. It is about 10 km from the market and promises a unique lifetime experience for the holiday makers. It is very easy to reach the beach, and one can either hitch-hike on a jungle path that will take about 30 minutes. It is well connected by boat from havelock Jetty. As you pass through the light house on the boat ride, you get an amazing experience.

 Best time to visit

Visit this beach between October and May, when the spring is in full bloom.  The natural flora of the island would be at their best. There are no particular visiting hours for Elephant Beach and one can go anytime they feel like. However, those with an interest in bird watching should go either early in the morning or evening.



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The serene environment

Elephant Beach is placed at one remote corner of Havelock Island. The pristine beauty and calm ambiance with serene surroundings will leave you immediately relaxed. Spend a couple of hours on the beach to feel completely rejuvenated. Feel the gentle waves of the blue waters or gaze at those lush green trees placed across the vast horizon.

 Enjoy the beach

Simply unwind and relax on those white sands bordered by clear blue, green waters at the Elephant beach. The beach and its tranquility is hard to resist by any traveler. You will love relaxing by the lush green forest on one side and watch those gentle waves hitting the sandy shores on the other side. Trekkers can take a natural trail through jungle and mangroves.

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Adventures activities

Elephant Beach has plenty of adventurous activities lined up for the adrenaline junkies. They can swim in those clear waters or go scuba diving and snorkeling. See everything from eels to sea horses in the marine life and enjoy watching those colorful corals up to 20 meters depth that make the undersea world so vibrant. These water sports are perfect for the whole family and are thrilling as well as safe. Discover the tropical reef fish and healthy coral formations, as well as turtles and sting rays, and a lot more under the waters. You can also undertake a sea walk that’ll allow you to get a glimpse of underwater life with just a helmet on. A sea walk is a cross between snorkeling and scuba and you get to enjoy the best of both worlds. The beach also offers fun rides like jet ski, banana boat rides.

The snorkeling trips are professionally run, and the trips are guaranteed to hook you to these water sports forever. Get training for scuba diving and open water diving and discover the right marine life near the beach that is teeming with sweetlips, seahorses, groupers, scorpion fish, parrot fish and a lot many other reef fish to be see.

The resorts around the restaurant offer a standard fare of Indian and continental food that can be tried when you are taking a break.
There is a thrill of discovery that awaits you at the Elephant Beach. Those clear blue waters with colorful coral reefs will keep you enticed for hours.

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