Travel smart: Here’s what to wear on a plane on a flight to Andaman

flight-to-andaman-600x609 Travel smart: Here’s what to wear on a plane on a flight to Andaman

We are sure you are all excited about your trip to Andaman.  Your flight to Andaman is often a long haul flight. Most flights take a pit stop in Chennai and then let you move forward to Andaman. Dressing well for flights ensures that your travel remains comfortable and you arrive fresh at your destination. Likewise, you’ll also see that a good return flight keeps you charged up even after your vacation is over. Planes have a big list of dos and don’ts but no one tells you what to wear to have the most comfortable flying experience.

So here you go – Here’s what to wear on your flight to Andaman

Layer it up

During air travel, you often undergo a change in your microclimate. The general climate in India is hot and humid. From there you move into a warm but comfortable climate of the airport, the sudden ultra-hot sun in the tarmac and then a super chilled airplane cabin. Cotton jackets, scarves, pullovers and pashmina shawls come handy in these situations where you can quickly wear them or take off as per the temperature you are in. These items are also easy to fold into your carry bag not taking up too much space.

Choose fabrics that breath

Cool cottons are the best for travel as they allow your skin to breathe and sweat to evaporate quickly. This makes you feel less dirty and sticky during travel. Fabrics like nylon that doesn’t circulate air can make you feel warm and uncomfortable.

Think about your legwear

Compression legwear is good for pregnant women and those with existing conditions. But it is also good for others during long-haul flights where it prevents swelling and protects against deep vein thrombosis. It also promotes blood circulation and helps relieve tired, aching and fatigued legs. Who wouldn’t need that on a flight!

Pick your most comfortable pair of shoes

Over the years, many people have recommended that you pick high-quality sports shoes when you travel on a plane. The recommendation comes from the fact that in case of an ‘incident’, you are in your ‘readiest’ footwear possible that protects you from burning debris or broken glass. No one likes to think that they’ll be flying in Sully’s Arc so the next best option is to wear shoes that are covered, easily slip on and off during airport security checks and are comfortable.

Pocket-friendly clothing

We don’t mean cheap clothes here. Instead, choose clothing/jackets that have a lot of pockets. You need to hold a bunch of things on you when you travel. Be it pens for filling forms, loose change, cash, passport, id, documents and even some snacks. Having lots of pockets keeps you sorted without having to go back to your carry bag every time.

Loose fitting clothing

We’ve seen many celebrities pull of airport style with élan. It makes us wonder how can they remain comfortable during the entire flight wearing that! Luckily, we don’t have the style mafia following us. So it is best to stick to loose-fitting clothing on flights. Better wide pants than Deep Vein Thrombosis we say

Don’t lose your style quotient

Loose fitting clothes need not mean you look shabby. A well-layered look coupled with a stylish handbag, sunglasses or jacket can make sure people do a double take when you walk in. Who says long flights have to be boring.