Things not to do in Andamans while on a holiday

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When we head towards a destination for a holiday, we all are excited. The thrill and excitement remain our constant companion for the entire trip. If our destination happens to be the mesmerizing Andaman Islands, then we are guaranteed with numerous exciting moments! However, we should ensure the excitement should not overpower our role as responsible tourists. There are a certain number of things not to do in Andamans – following them will not only keep us safe and secured, they’ll also keep the biodiversity of the place intact.

Sightseeing attractions galore in Andamans – be it historical, architectural or natural. These attractions, along with the flora and fauna of the Islands need to be preserved. There are birds, animals as well as tribe which are on the verge of extinction. As tourists tend to go over the top at times, there are a few things not to do in Andamans listed – to preserve the mystic charm of Andamans.

The rich and rare marine life in this Emerald Island is something everyone should strive to preserve. Here is a list of things not to do in Andamans so as to protect the treasures found in the Sea and the beaches.

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Do not touch corals and shells
  • Don’t touch corals and shells
  • Don’t collect live or dead corals and shells
  • Don’t take any corals or seashells without special permission from Fisheries Department and Forest Department
  • Even if you manage to collect them, you are not allowed to carry them home along with you
  • Collection of a few varieties of corals and shells are banned and punishable. There are chances you might end up in trouble or be punished, if you are caught collecting those banned varieties of corals or shells
  • Do not swim when inebriated as that will be quite unsafe
  • Do not swim during monsoons in treacherous zones. Your life should be your first priority
  • Do not forget to pay attention to the warnings posted and seeking help from the lifeguards
  • Do not indulge in naked sunbathing or sea-bathing as they are not the general norm in Andamans
  • Do not spend time in the beach after sunset

The Andaman Islands are a paradise for water sport enthusiasts. As much as you enjoy a scuba diving experience, keep in mind there are a few things not to do in Andamans while participating in water activities.

  • Do not cross the permitted areas while snorkeling and scuba diving
  • Do not stand on coral reefs because doing so can damage them
  • Do not go for scuba diving with unregistered or private dive operators. They might be hazardous and unsafe. Instead, choose known, approved and registered institutions which are affiliated to international organizations like SSI, BSAC, PADI and NAUI
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Do not forget to take photo and video permit

Andamans has a lot of tropical rainforest covered areas. In order to save some of the Aboriginals from extinction and to preserve the rare flora, fauna and the avian species, there are certain things not to do in the Andamans.

  • Do not enter tribal and restricted areas
  • Do not enter the tribal villages to meet and interact with the aborigine tribes
  • Do not stay in the forest areas after sunset as it is not allowed
  • Do not erect own tents and hammocks during nights anywhere – on the beach or in the forest areas
  • Do not light bonfires anywhere as it is prohibited
  • Do not take video films and photographs of aboriginal tribes of Andaman Islands. They are strictly prohibited and considered as punishable offenses
  • Do not forget to obtain permits for taking video films and photographs wherever required

In addition to these specific permissions and prohibitions, there are some general things not to do in Andamans. They are:

  • Do not throw garbage and rubbish in parks, on beach, into sea or public places
  • Do not smoke in public areas
  • Do not carry plastic carry-bags
  • Do not forget to follow traffic rules and wear helmets while driving a bike
  • Do not leave important documents at the hotel or resort
  • Do not forget to get the necessary permits for visiting National Parks
  • Do not indulge in hunting activities of any birds and animals


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Strictly no hunting in Andamans

Andaman Holidays creates its tour packages keeping in mind the things not to do in the Andaman Islands. The visitors should also follow the things not to do in Andamans and keep themselves away from any sort of dangerous situations and offenses.