Monsoon Andaman: Off-season vacation – What to expect

monsoon-andaman-600x426 Monsoon Andaman: Off-season vacation - What to expect

Is it OK to come to Andaman during the off-season?

Monsoon Andaman and beach vacations generally don’t go hand in hand. But Andaman is one place where it is season always. Here’s why


The traditional ‘tourist’ season in Andaman is almost over. Come mid-May, monsoon will be upon Andaman. Considering the location and nature of attractions (beaches and sea activities), most people are dissuaded from visiting the islands during the offseason. Traditionally, this does seem to make sense. But hold on there. Before you write off your Andaman visit between May – September, here’s what you need to know.

As you’ll see our website, we say Andaman – Sea. Sun. Anytime. And that’s true to a good extent. The Andaman Islands are promoted by the dept. of tourism as an all-year-round destination. Most of Andaman remains perfectly functional during the rains. In fact, except for sea walks, you can do almost all of the things that happen during vacation season like scuba and snorkeling. There is an off chance that heavy rains and rough seas may sometimes cause cancellation but in such cases you can come back when the skies are clear. If luck just doesn’t stick, you’ll be given a full refund.

Ferry services to islands and attractions like the limestone caves remain functional during the rains. Local attractions like the cellular jail and Samudrika museum too are open to visitors.

Here’s a quick line-up of pros and cons to help you understand better


1. The islands are less crowded with tourists

2. It’s off-season – packages will be available at off-season rates

3. Rooms across hotels will be readily available

4. All standard attractions will be open

5. Forget sun-kissed beaches. Everyone has done that. Go for the rain-drenched experience


1. The evening sound and light show at the cellular jail is subject to weather conditions

2. Sea walk may not be possible

3. Some activities may get delayed if the weather changes

4. Treks may get slippery

5. You’ll have to lug an umbrella/raincoat everywhere

So, you see, the cons really aren’t much. If you are game for a little adventure, Andaman is perfect even during the rainy season. Just to say… monsoon Andaman is the season of romance. It is when nature blooms and the pitter-patter music does wonders for the soul.

So come on over. We are here to take care of you.