Discover Scuba Diving in Andaman

Exciting. Exhilarating. Amazing. These are the common words that you hear from those who discover scuba diving in Andaman. It’s time you discover it too.

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Stepping off the boat into the sea, you will be able to hear your heart beat so loud that you’ll feel it’ll jump right out. You’ll feel like you are about to forget everything the instructor has told you about doing underwater. Just as a million scenarios rush through your mind, you finally submerge yourself underwater.

Suddenly, it all stops. The voices in your head stop. You feel very aware of the every moment… of every breath you take… of how a world that has existed for a million years comes as the best discovery of your life. The vast spacious blue waters engulf your worries and anxiety to leave you with a calm beautiful feeling.

Just as this happens, the next feeling of silent euphoria takes over. The beauty of the untouched natural lifeforms around you. One wonder after another, the corals, the reefs the fishes and other life forms casually waltz around while you can’t take your eyes off them.

As your instructor guides you to even more discoveries, you’ll wonder if there is a hidden treasure chest around there that you may get lucky with. All too soon, your first dive will come to an end. It’ll leave you longing for more. It’ll open your world to taking up an official dive course. For some, this is the beginning of a love affair that’ll last a lifetime. They can not only learn but also teach scuba and explore dive sites around the world.

Discover Scuba Diving in Andaman

A discover scuba dive can be done by anyone 10 years and older. This is done by an uncertified diver under the supervision of an instructor.

The process involves a classroom session where you’ll be taught the safety guidelines and basic skills that you’ll need underwater. It’ll teach you

a) About the scuba diving equipment and how to wear and use it underwater
b) How to breath underwater. A big part of this is to know how to avoid barotrauma
c) Your limits to be followed when you enter the dive
d) How you can enrol for a next level course
e) Your medical fitness level to ensure you can scuba dive

This will be followed by an actual dive in a controlled environment where you will be closely guided by a certified instructor.

Things to keep in mind
Follow instructions closely as mistakes will hamper your experience
Don’t touch, pluck or destroy anything around – just swim and observe
You’ll need a underwater camera for your shots or to create a video. Plan in advance for this
Choose your dive spot wisely. Rather than going for the most famed diving spot, ask locals what they think can give a great experience
Do your research in advance about PADI and other dive courses available and what’s the difference between them so that you can ask the right questions to your instructors

So what’s a discover scuba dive really like – see this video from Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara. It says everything you need to know without saying a word.

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