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How to use exhibition and convention halls creatively

Whoever said exhibition and conventions halls were meant for, well, just exhibitions and conventions?

Hold Corporate events in alternate venues

Corporate meetings and talks do not always have to be held in conference and meeting rooms.

Exhibition halls can do the job just as well, if not better, since they can accommodate larger numbers and offer more flexibility in terms of event execution, such as the installation of panoramic multimedia screens and larger-than-life speakers to produce a more sensational experience. With audio and visual capabilities already installed in these halls, event planners can enjoy cost savings.

Jazz up your banquets

Corporate meetings and talks do not always have to be held in conference and meeting rooms.Guests seated at each table will then be able to have a full view of the entertainment on stage while enjoying their dinner.Banquets can also adopt a cabaret format where banquet tables are laid on tiered stacks around the stage, so that the seated audience can enjoy a clear sight of the performance.

Holding banquets in exhibition or convention halls gives event planners vast space that can be dressed up with soft lighting, decorative features hung from the high ceilings that are typical of such halls and custom-designed giant centerpieces, to further set the stage for a gala banquet.

Utilise infrastructural features to your advantage

The high ceilings and strong suspension points in exhibition halls can support elaborate décor and exciting performances. For example, acrobats and dancers can be hoisted up in mid-air to add a theatrical touch to your gala dinner.

Play around with mobile rooms

Construction of a beautiful theme need not be restricted within a small event space.

If you are thinking of a garden theme for your event, consider dressing a hall up as a lush garden, and having a walkway leading up to the V-Room placed anywhere in the 'garden'. The experience of strolling up the pebbled path lined with flowers and greenery into a cosy haven for a cocktail reception or networking session will definitely enchant your guests.

Use unconventional stage layout to better engage your audience

Conferences and seminars are usually set up in classroom or theatre-style, with the stage right in front.

Because of the amount of space offered in an exhibition or convention hall, you could construct a T-shaped stage similar to a fashion runway to allow speaker(s) to walk right up to the audience.

Alternatively, you may want to consider a hydraulic stage where speaker(s) could appear in a dramatic fashion.

Adopt unusual seating arrangements

Many of us must have attended mega conferences where we could barely see the speaker(s) on stage, let alone make eye contact. To ensure that all participants can enjoy an unobstructed view of the action on stage, why not arrange the seats around a circular stage, or better yet, use a tiered seating system for large-scale congresses of 1,000 to 10,000 attendees? This telescopic grandstand seating will maximise the visual impact of any event.

Look for venues that allow you to pay for just the space you need

Unlike traditional auditoriums or conference venues that charge a fixed fee for usage, venues such as Singapore Expo charge either by the number of attendees or by the actual square meter usage, which means you can now hold your conferences, dinners or exhibitions in halls or rooms that have the structural features you want but without having to pay for space you don't need.



Andaman Holidays MICE organised TAPASUCON 2010 at Port Blair. It's a massive annual conference of the Tamil Nadu and Pondy Society of Urologists, conducted this year in the Andaman Islands. A total of 280 delegates that encompassed doctors, majorly Urologists and their dependants took part in the Conference.
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